Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Latest Health Update

Since my twin diagnosis of rickets and diabetes in the middle of last year my health, wellbeing, and appearance has improved drastically. During this time I've lost five stone in weight and have so much more energy and stamina. I can climb up hills without having to regularly stop to bend over double to catch my breath, even jogging up some of the easier sections. My muscle control, balance, and confidence has improved when I'm scrambling over rocks or navigating through a peat bog, I no longer have a problem with muscle knots or painful cramp in my legs...and I'm convinced that many of my problems due to my Asperger's syndrome don't seem to be anywhere nearly as severe as they used to be. I seem to be immune to colds and the flu, recover from exercise almost instantaneously, don't crave food all the time, don't sweat excessively [ meaning I drink a lot less water too ] and I'm much more comfortable with approaching people and talking to them...which makes a walk a lot more pleasurable.

So...I'll be continuing to take the tablets, vitamin D and metformin; at the moment I'm feeling fifteen years younger.

As a result of losing all the weight I'm having to regularly keep on buying smaller sized clothes from charity shops, and I do feel the cold a lot more...but overall it's not a bad trade-off and life is good for me at the moment.

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