Friday, March 24, 2017

Visiting Three Local Villages In The Car

A short drive out in the car today with Marshall, my support worker - we visited Old Edlington, Wadworth, and Loversall...and I took photographs of the church in each village.

First up was Old Edlington; both the church and the churchyard were our favourite of the three. 

We then walked a few yards down the hill to the memorial to the Canadian Air Force pilots who died in 1943 when their plane crashed nearby...there's also a plaque honouring a white greyhound.

We returned to the car and Marshall drove a couple of hundred yards further up the hill to a lay-by where we ate our sandwiches before continuing on to Wadworth.

The church here isn't as pretty as the one at Old Edlington, and its location surrounded by modern housing, means that the sightlines for photography are limited - there weren't any daffodils either.

On the way back to Doncaster we called at Loversall; it was only a few weeks ago that I visited Loversall for the first time, but today's quick return was welcome. After taking photographs of the church we  walked into the village where I snapped a couple of attractive cottages.

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