Monday, March 27, 2017


Another trip out in the car with Siobhan, to Pontefract.

The day got off to a good start when we arrived at the car park. It was unusually full for a Monday - the reason being that the ticket machine was broken and so parking was free...saving me £2 for the day.

We walked down to the partially ruined All Saints Church, seriously damaged during the Civil War.

We were disappointed to find that the castle was closed for major renovation works but I took a photograph of some attractive old houses nearby.

It wasn't far to walk into town, calling off first at the bus station to use the toilets.

On the way back to Doncaster we were hoping to visit the church at Darrington...but couldn't find anywhere to park in the village, but continued on to Womersley where we had a pleasant surprise when we reached the church. The building was open and the hand bell ringing group was practising...and we were invited inside to listen...and to look around the church.

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