Friday, March 3, 2017

My Blogstats

If you click on the Revolver Maps globe icon at the bottom of the screen you'll see a real-time update of my blog visitors, most likely though it will only be your own visit that's being shown because the blog doesn't get a lot of visitors. It's a niche and specialist subject that I write about, but I've been told that my visitor numbers are quite reasonable considering.

The other widget at the bottom of the screen is a link to Google's own stats page which records several times more visitors, but these numbers include the various automatic cataloguing and aggregating services.

As to what my statistics show; well about eighty percent of my visitors are from the UK, the two most popular cities being Sheffield and London, and quite a few from wherever they live will be regular visits by people who read the blog every time I write a new post. About ten percent are from the USA, but many of these are from the same four locations, Mountain View, Menlo Park, Redmond, and Chicago - probably where the large multinational internet conglomerates are based. I know for sure that I do have one regular flesh and blood visitor reader of the blog in America and that's Anne from Madison, Wisconsin. She's a Facebook friend and we regularly interact over there...she first contacted me in response to a post or comment I made on one of the autism/Asperger's forums; her daughter has got Asperger's syndrome too. Hello Anne.

Since I installed Revolver Maps I've had visits from people in 111 different countries, well less than half of the countries in the world; it gives me a bit of a filip though when I notice a new country has been logged. I like stats, it's one of my Aspergic traits and I probably spend far too much time obsessing over them.

Where do most of my referrals come from? Well, it looks like it's search engines, mainly Google and Google Image Search. This post doesn't contain any photographs and so won't be as popular as those which do...which is most of my posts. My photographs seem to rank quite high on Google Image Search and I get a lot of visitors from there...even to my old posts. When I publish a new post I get a rush of visitors from the sites where I post a direct link, mainly Facebook, but also Twitter, Reddit, and a couple of walking based forums. Occasionally when I comment on another person's blog I might get the odd visitor too...but not that often.

Finally, one thing I've noticed and don't understand at all is why I'm getting a lot of visitors from my own blog. I wonder what's going on there? Maybe someone can help and let me know.

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