Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Newark-on-Trent, Southwell, and Dukeries Garden Centre

Another trip out with Siobhan, one of my support workers.

It's a drive of about an hour down the A1 to Newark. We parked at our usual car park near to the bus station and walked down by the lock and the riverside to reach the castle, where we found a sunny spot to sit and eat our sandwiches.

In the town centre we had a look in some shops and visited the church; everything was being sold for only a Pound in one of the charity shops and I bought a pair of trousers and two shirts.

After a couple of hours we drove the short distance to Southwell, spending time inside the Minster and visiting the charity shops and the traditional sweet shop - Siobhan treated herself to some 'rosy apples' and the last of the [I can't remember.] 

The plan was then to go to a garden centre which also has a swan reserve and have tea and cake, but when we found out that it was nearly a tenner each for afternoon tea in the cafe, and that we'd have to also pay to visit the lake to see the swans we decided not to bother - I knew somewhere else on the way home where we could stop for refreshments.

I had done some research online and found some nice tearooms at The Old Mill at Old Ollerton; but when we got there it was closed...so we had to hope that option number three would be open. Fortunately the cafĂ© at The Dukeries Garden Centre at Welbeck Abbey was open and so we bought ourselves cream teas. The farm shop was also open; I bought a rabbit pie for my dinner tomorrow. 

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