Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hooton Pagnell Fete 2016

Hooton Pagnell is my favourite Doncaster village; maybe it's because it's very beautiful...but I also grew up and lived for many years in Thurnscoe, one of the neighbouring villages.

I got off the bus at Hickleton and took a few photographs.

It took me about forty minutes to walk down the road to Hooton Pagnell; this photograph of some bales of hay was taken just beyond the hamlet of Bilham.

When I arrived at Hooton Pagnell it was quite cloudy; the weather did improve though and there were long periods of sunshine later.

I had a quick look at all the stalls and then made my way to the church for mid-day, hoping to hear the carillon. When the time arrived the church tower was silent, even the bells didn't ring...maybe they also had to be removed when the carillon was sent away to be repaired. I was disappointed because on my last visit to the village I got talking to the old lady who lives in Corner Cottage and she said they were hoping to have the carillon working by the time of the Fete.

I wasn't disappointed with the strawberries and cream tea served inside the church though. I found a table outside in the sunshine and enjoyed the rest and refreshments before returning inside to look at the paintings done by members of Campsall Art Group...some were quite good - I only noticed one featuring Hooton Pagnell though - last year there were several.

I stayed in the village until about 2:15, spending quite a bit of time listening to the music; I particularly enjoyed 'Essential Jazz' and the Doncaster Concert Band - their James Bond medley attracted a large crowd.

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