Tuesday, July 12, 2016

High Bradfield, Low Bradfield, and Hathersage

I've started today's blog post with a photograph of an elephant sculpture; it was the third one I'd seen on my walk up to the bus stop on Arundel Gate. There are many more positioned throughout Sheffield city centre; it's a fundraising and publicity campaign by a charity.

I caught the bus to High Bradfield and took some photographs of the area near to the church; it was quite cloudy, and remained so all day.

I then found the footpath which goes down across the fields to Low Bradfield. Looking at the route on a map I thought it would be a leisurely stroll; it was quite difficult in places though, quite steep, very overgrown at times...and muddy.

At the bottom of the hill I had a good look around Low Bradfield, calling in the shop and visiting the public toilets. The shop also serves as the village post office, newsagent and tea rooms...and there's a pretty holiday cottage right next door also managed by the same couple.

The toilets were a bit basic; there were no lights and the automatic handwasher and drier didn't work...oh, and there was no toilet seat either.

My route over the moors to Hathersage included views of several reservoirs, a folly, and a walk along the top of the northern end of Stanage Edge. Conditions for photography were poor; I rarely took my camera out of its case.

This is the only decent image I captured.

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