Monday, July 25, 2016

Blood Test Results

I went to the surgery this morning for my results...and it's good news, it can easily be fixed. I've been diagnosed with a severe case of vitamin D deficiency...or adult rickets.

The doctor has prescribed me a massive one-off dose of vitamin D3 of 100,000 international units and then a maintenance dose of 800 units a day for the moment.

I've just been researching the disease online and my prognosis is very good, in effect I could end up feeling twenty years younger: no more excessive sweating, no more leg cramps and muscle spasms, no more problems with my bowels, no more general aches and pains...and my muscles, my thigh muscles in particular, should be a lot stronger and not feel as though they're on fire when I'm struggling to climb over stiles towards the end of a walk.

I should be feeling the benefits straight away. I haven't got my next walk planned yet; I'll still keep it relatively short and easy..and see how I feel.

I'm feeling pretty good at the moment though.

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