Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hessle Foreshore and Hull

I wouldn't have chosen to go out for the day today if it was entirely my decision. However, I have to book days out with my support worker at least a week in advance, and I can only have the days when she's available.   

It actually stayed dry most of the time, but there was still quite a bit of drizzle...and one heavy shower when we happened to be passing by the parish church and so popped inside...and ended up having a pleasant chat with the vicar - we were the second couple from Doncaster who he'd met today.

We ate our sandwiches on the foreshore at Hessle with a clear view of the Humber Bridge; the weather was quite bright for a few minutes...but not for long.

Yet again we struggled to find a city centre car park and later find our way out to the west. There was enough dry weather to visit the Old Town and walk along the waterfront before we just had a look round the shops.

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