Friday, August 7, 2020

Braithwell, Stainton, Tickhill, and Wellingley

I travelled on the bus to Braithwell today, somewhere that featured on Sunday's walk. I noticed several well looked-after floral displays as I walked through the village.

I headed to the east along the road that goes to Stainton, but was able to use a footpath for part of the way.

I headed south out of Stainton and then used a footpath going across fields and through a small area of woodland to get to Tickhill. On the way to Tickhill I saw a family group taking three alpacas for a walk. I few minutes later the mystery was solved...


There are several interesting things to photograph in Tickhill.

I popped in to Lisa@Lottie's tearooms for a pot of tea and a large slice of chocolate cake...served with a small spoon. After lingering for a bit too long I left the town heading north along the Doncaster road but soon turned down the country lane to Wellingley, just a farm and a half a dozen houses. 

I found the footpath that goes across the fields to iPort Lakes. Time for more refreshments from Annabell's outdoor cafe - just a drink of tea this time, but I did notice she had a large selection of cakes.

I finished by taking my regular route home; boring and predictable, but it gave me time to think about what I would be writing on the blog.

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