Thursday, March 26, 2020

A Walk In The Park...And Then A Bit Further

I haven't received a letter or text message from the government stating that I'm a vulnerable person; I'm thinking it's because diabetics are no longer included on the list of groups of people who need to be shielded from the virus and have to stay indoors for twelve weeks.

I'm very relieved about this and so decided to leave the house for the first time since the weekend early this morning  and went for a short walk, passing through my local park to reach a large area of playing fields known as Town Fields. It was six o'clock and there weren't many people around at all, just a few joggers and dog walkers.

Obviously I took my camera with me; it was a glorious start to the day.

Interestingly Town Fields is the location where George Boole first thought of the ideas which would lead to the concept of Boolean algebra, or logic, no more than an entertaining parlour game to play with his friends at the time, but now a key component in computing and electrical switching and circuitry utilised by us all on a daily basis every time we type a query into a search engine.

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  1. I was also there this morning for my daily exercise/dog walk.