Saturday, August 12, 2017

Bradwell Open Gardens 2017

Another day out with Siobhan, my support worker; we both enjoyed ourselves as usual, but I think she was struggling a bit walking up and down all the hills in the village...and the steps in the gardens.

Apart from when we went to Bonsall last year, at every other Open Gardens I've attended there's been organised parking facilities for visitors, usually in an adjacent field. I knew this wouldn't be the case today and so did some online research using Google Street View. We managed to find a suitable spot next to the playing fields at the northern end of the village and then walked down to Town Bottom where the tickets were being sold.

The weather forecast was for sunny intervals with the possibility of an occasional shower; well, there were more showers than expected - but still plenty of sunshine for me to take some good photographs. I was prepared; I was wearing my anorak and took my woolly hat too.

Today was also the final day of the welldressing week, therefore by now the displays were not looking their best though.

I obviously enjoyed my day out but it was probably the worst of my visits to an Open Gardens event; obviously the weather didn't help, but neither did the crazy local woman who kept following people around the village and harassing them [she doesn't like people from Sheffield who have moved into the village]...and the map we were provided with wasn't very good - it was difficult to find some of the gardens.

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