Sunday, August 6, 2017

Bradwell, Great Hucklow, Wardlow Mires, Ravensdale Cottages, Cressbrook, Upperdale, Monsal Head, Little Longstone, Great Longstone, and Bakewell

I needed to take both of my Ordnance Survey maps today, as I always do when walking in the Hope Valley. Last night I got thoroughly confused and frustrated trying to work out how to fold one of the map sheets so that I could look at the areas where I'd be going and gave up and went to bed, relying on my local geographic knowledge of the area today instead. Nothing went wrong; I didn't get lost...and even if I would have, with a bit of origami and maybe a couple of pulled muscles I'd be able to navigate myself out of trouble. Map folding is by far the most difficult part of mapreading and navigation skills for me - I know there are very good mapping apps available for mobile phones, but I don't have an internet enabled mobile phone.

It's the first day of the welldressing week at Bradwell, which culminates in the Open Gardens event next weekend...which I'm planning to attend.

I only saw this well, but there are at least another three in the village.

It looks like there's also going to be a scarecrow trail; I found this humorous one.

As usual, when visiting a village, I took some photographs of the church.

As I passed by Hazlebadge Hall on my way to Great Hucklow I noticed this old, rusting rocket engine.

When I reached Great Hucklow I noticed there'd been some preparation work done for next week's gala and welldressing - it seems strange that it's scheduled at the same time as Bradwell's open gardens and welldressing.

I walked along the road and then across the fields to Wardlow Mires and then took the footpath down into Cressbrookdale, briefly chatting with a local man who was going to climb up to the top of Peter's Stone, which is the prominent rock on the left in the photograph. I don't think the climb is that difficult, but I was pressed for time and so didn't join him, and his dog.

I didn't stop to take any pictures at Cressbrook, but tried to compose an arty image at Upperdale that didn't work out. 

I climbed up to Monsal Head without really getting out of breath.

I resisted the pull of the pub, the cafe, and the ice cream van. I did stop to have a drink of my orange squash though; I put my opened rucksack on the ground next to me and a crazy little terrier immediately tried to jump inside. His owner calmly bent down and scooped him up with one hand and explained that he does it all the time...he didn't explain why though.

It's a gentle descent down the road to Little Longstone, passing the quaint small church as you enter the village.

No time for the pub I'm afraid.

It's an easy and pleasant walk across the fields to Great Longstone. I didn't enter the main part of the village though. I mainly walked through a modern housing estate on my way to the Monsal Trail and a walk of about a couple of miles to the bus-stop at Pineapple Farm. The bus was ten minutes late.

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