Saturday, April 15, 2017

Totley, Lydgate, Horsleygate, Cordwell, Millthorpe, Moorhall, Oxton Rakes, Newgate, Barlow, and Unstone

Several new villages and hamlets visited today.

I travelled to the old brickworks on Baslow Road just past Totley and then walked back down to Gillfield Wood. I chose to take the high level footpath which goes to the picnic site, which seems to be a lovely spot with nice views, even though it's not very far from the road.

I then turned south and headed for Storth House; I soon came to a footpath diversion. I think I ended up walking nearly half a mile out of my way but the route was clearly marked and well maintained...and I did get to walk right through the large private garden of a expensive country house - and there were a lot of marsh marigolds to enjoy. 

The path actually came out at Fanshawe Gate, a few hundred yards further east. I picked up my intended route by walking down the road and then across the fields to Lydgate, just a collection of half a dozen farms and houses.

It was an easy, steady descent to Horsleygate, where the footpath goes right through the caravan park, right past the windows of some of the static caravans in fact. It was still quite early and I spotted one woman wearing only a skimpy nightie; she wasn't bothered...and neither was I.  

I couldn't locate the footpath to Millthorpe and so ended up at the next hamlet, Cordwell. I did mean that because I needed to walk along the road I did get to see a lot more of Millthorpe. I ate my sandwiches sitting on one of the seats next to the commemorative stone for a young pilot who died when his aircraft crashed nearby.

The next section of the walk was across fields and then up a byway through woods until I reached Moorhall. The map I was using to navigate was printed out last year when I first planned to do this walk; I'd circled a location in Hollin Wood as being something that might be interesting to look at. I can't remember what it was, and didn't see anything anyway.

The weather improved for a few minutes allowing me to take several photographs - here's the best one.

Oxton Rake is just a collection of expensive houses with large, well-maintained gardens - the route of the footpath here carefully wends its way around the properties...ensuring the privacy of the residents at all times.

Newgate was the final village of the day with 'gate' in its name; there's nothing to see there.

Barlow is a large village; the church is quite pretty although it has been extensively renovated since the eighteenth century.

This was the final horse I saw today; there are a lot along this route...I think I passed a couple of stud farms or equestrian centres.

By this time I was expecting an easy conclusion to the walk, just going through Cobnar Wood and the trading estate to reach the main road where I could catch a bus back to Sheffield. I got lost in the wood and then took the long way out of the trading estate; it being a Saturday there was no-one around to ask.

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