Sunday, April 30, 2017

Fairholmes, Derwent Edge, Ashopton, Yorkshire Bridge, and Bamford

I travelled all the way to Fairholmes, on the train and then on the bus, with Douggie, a fellow walker from Doncaster. We've met quite a few times when catching the train to Sheffield but have never made any formal arrangements to meet up for a walk. Today he went walking over to Alport Castles...and I went in the other direction up to Derwent Edge, first reaching the Derwent Dam where I carefully photographed all of the new information panels.

I immediately headed for open country, climbing up Hollin Clough and eventually reaching the toposcope at Lost Lad and then the paved footpath along the top of the edge, stopping to take photographs at Back Tor, the Cakes of Bread, the Salt Cellar, and the Wheel Stones.

It's a steep descent down to what remains of Ashopton village after the valley was flooded to make the reservoir. Something smelled very tasty as I passed the pub at Yorkshire Bridge; I didn't stop though because I wanted to catch the next bus back to Sheffield. I needn't have hurried though - I got the departure times muddled up; they are different on a Sunday...for several years though they hadn't been.

As I was standing at the front of the bus waiting to get off at the stop for the railway station in Sheffield Douggie came down the stairs from the upper saloon; He told me that he'd got on at Hope, a few miles before me. So we travelled together on the train to Doncaster - we didn't say much  to each other though...we both had a short nap.

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