Sunday, April 9, 2017

Langold Lake Country Park, Firbeck, Roche Abbey, and Letwell

My first walk of the summer with my friends Chris and Maureen from Leeds. The original plan was for me to travel to Fox House and I'd be picked up and we'd travel to our destination in the Peak District but because of yesterday's railway strike I was worried that the early train from Doncaster to Sheffield might not be running. So, a change of plan: we met up at Warmsworth, just off the A1(M) roundabout and drove about a dozen miles to Langold.

What a lovely day for a walk, it was warm and sunny as soon as we stepped out of the car and the sun was still shining when we set off home...probably a bit too bright for photography, but I wasn't complaining.

It's a pleasant walk through the woods, across fields and down a bridleway to Firbeck, passing by an attractive lodge or cottage on the way.

We arrived at Firbeck more than half an hour before the pub was due to open and so ate our sandwiches at a picnic table outside the community centre. It was still only 11:50 when we'd finished them and rather than wait for the pub to open we decided to continue with the walk. Chris was keen to pop inside the Black Lion because he hoped that a particular piece of cricketing memorabilia might be displayed there. We discussed our options and decided to go to Roche Abbey and then return to Firbeck by a route that was slightly different in places....'there are toilets there' I commented to Maureen.

The route to Roche Abbey goes through Stone, a pretty limestone village. The first photograph was actually taken on our way back from Roche Abbey; it's my favourite though.

We got back to Firbeck and bought drinks in the pub. Chris was disappointed to find out that the earliest scoresheet on which the name of Fred Trueman, the famous Yorkshire and England fast bowler appeared, wasn't there. I found something amusing to take a picture of though.

I had the opportunity to see parts of the village that I hadn't seen before as we headed out in a westerly direction along a country road and across fields before looping back to Letwell.

Letwell has an interesting church and several pretty cottages.

We arrived back at Langold Lake at four o'clock; Chris wanted to walk round the lake but Maureen had had enough.

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