Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Tragic Event Causes A Change Of Plan

Today's walk wasn't the one I'd originally planned to do; my arrival in Sheffield was over two hours late and so I just caught the first available bus to the Peak District, service 218, and got off at Clod Hall Crossroads and walked to Bakewell.

The delay was due to a suicide at Denaby. The train was held up at Conisbrough Station for about half an hour, we were then evacuated onto the platform and stuck there for another thirty minutes or so until we were told to get back on the train since it would now be returning to Doncaster where there would be taxis waiting to take us to Sheffield...there weren't any taxis booked when we got back to Doncaster though....but a coach did show up a few minutes later. So, a delay of well over two hours so I should receive at least two vouchers for a day's free travel on the Northern Rail network as compensation.

I got off the bus at Clod Hall Crossroads and noticed two young men walking in a direction I hadn't previously taken, so I followed them. As I'd hoped the path led to the top of Gardom's Edge, somewhere I haven't been walking before. I really enjoyed walking here; jumping from one flat topped boulder to the next and taking photographs of the rock formations and the views.

The footpath  I needed to take at Robin Hood isn't shown on the Ordnance Survey map and I couldn't find it, so I had to walk down the busy road to Baslow - there is a causeway though.

There are some nice buildings at Baslow....and a vintage car was in the car park at the Wheatsheaf Hotel.

I walked through Chatsworth Park to reach Edensor and then continued over Calton Pastures to Bakewell. I gave the bell a good whack at the golf course.

Fortunately my journey back to Doncaster was totally uneventful.

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