Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Photographs

When I started this blog five years ago I only made use of photographs to illustrate the places where I'd been walking. At that time there was a limited capacity for uploading images and so I tended to only include a couple of pictures per post. However, more recently I've been taking more time actually taking photographs and giving a lot more thought to the quality of the images. I've been quite happy with the results and have been posting a lot more photographs on here now that bandwidth use isn't an issue. I've received a few positive comments about the artistic merit of my photos; this is appreciated and is certainly an incentive to continue to experiment...and hopefully improve.

I've noticed that several of my images have been published elsewhere online. Three of them have had their locations misidentified; Cusworth Hall here in Doncaster is being used to promote a golf resort and spa in southern California, a view of the River Don taken from Conisbrough Viaduct is masquerading as a river in Germany, and a picture I took from the viaduct at Monsal Head showing the River Wye was genuinely mistaken for an image of the River Wye in Herefordshire - when I contacted the blog owner she promptly removed my photograph and apologised. Finally, a photograph of a pretty cottage in Baslow is being used on the website of a holiday cottage company...I suspect it might be one of their properties. 

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