Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bakewell And Magpie Mine Heritage Open Day

I went to Bakewell again today, specifically to visit Magpie Mine at Sheldon for the guided tour, which is only held on a few days every year. Because today was part of the National Heritage Open Day programme there was also tea and cake being served...and a display of local minerals to look at.

Bakewell has some very photogenic nooks and crannies ; I checked the angle of the sun and knew the locations where I might get a good photograph. I wasn't disappointed, I haven't even had to crop these four images; I particularly like the first one where the grocer's bike seems to have been placed inch perfect up against the wall.

I ended up walking along the road for most of the way to Magpie Mine, I couldn't find the footpath down in Bakewell which I needed to take - there were some lovely views over to my right from the higher elevation though.

I arrived at Magpie Mine with enough time before the next guided walk to have a cup of tea and a cake, or bun. I do know which I had, it's just that some people would call what I had a bun, whilst others would call it a cake - being a Northerner myself I call it a bun.

The tour of the entire site was excellent; it lasted for an hour and in addition to detailed explanations of the remaining equipment and the techniques used throughout the centuries we were also entertained with tales of murder, bravery, sabotage, underground disputes and fights, and free dinners...which seemed to feature prominently. In the past he understanding of gender equality and women's rights wasn't the same as it is now though.

I also learned a new word today, a buddle. 

During the tour we were constantly buzzed by a drone which was filming us, it was quite a large quadcopter with some intricate stabilising struts. Later on at Owler Bar a full-sized sightseeing helicopter going to land in the field at the back of the Peacock Hotel swooped down very low as it passed over the bus.

After the tour I ate my sandwiches and then had a look at the map. I had planned to walk down into Deepdale, but decided to take the quickest route back to Bakewell via Sheldon and Ashford-in-the-Water instead. After a lovely warm sunny start to the day the weather had become quite cold and cloudy and not so enjoyable for walking.

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