Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fox House, Ringinglow, Whirlow Bridge, and Abbeydale

I'm starting today with photographic evidence of something I've already mentioned a couple of times, that there are more trains going to London from Doncaster than there are trains going to Sheffield.

Both my train and my bus were on time this morning; I arrived at Fox House and started walking across Houndkirk Moor. It was cloudy for about half an hour but then it brightened up just before I entered Lady Canning's Plantation. There were hazy views of Sheffield in the distance by the time I reached the eastern edge of the moor.

Inside the plantation there's something I've not seen before, a network of well-signed, dedicated trails for mountain biking.

I came out of the wood at the car park near to Ringinglow. I walked down the road to the village to take photographs and then re-traced my steps to start walking down the path that leads to the Limb Valley. It was woodland all the way down to the road at Whirlow Bridge.

After crossing the road I was in Ecclesall Wood. A few yards inside the wood, right next to the path, I took a photograph of a good example of what I call a 'turnstile tree' - I hope you can see why I use this term.  

Not far beyond this point there's a squeeze stile. A woman with seven dogs let several of them have a pee before I had the opportunity to pass through the stile. It was a case of either get dog pee on my trousers, or possibly pull a muscle whilst trying to hurdle and straddle the stile...I think I got a bit of each for my efforts.

The 'Coffee Stop' in the middle of the wood is well signposted. When I got there there were more dogs than humans sitting at the tables. I ordered a cup of tea and remarked that the sugar looked a funny colour, as though a dog had peed in it...I kept the second observation to myself though. I was told that it was actually unbleached, or golden, sugar. I've never had this before, and it didn't taste any different to normal sugar.

It was then a short walk down to the road to catch the bus back to the city centre.

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