Monday, September 21, 2015

A Trip To Harrogate and Wetherby

A day out in the car with Siobhan, my support worker. The weather forecast wasn't very promising, but I have to book these days quite a bit in advance and so I can't be guaranteed good weather; it wasn't too bad though, drizzling on and off at Harrogate and quite sunny later on at Wetherby.

There are flowers everywhere at Harrogate...and a lot of wrought iron canopies too.

After looking round the shops we went to have a look at the church, an interesting architectural design, constructed in the 1870s, not very attractive from the outside, but pleasantly colourful, light, spacious, and airy inside.

A couple of the car parks at Wetherby have rather unusual names; we parked in the Cluster of Nuts Car Park, but there's another one called 'The Wilderness.'

Although it's quite close to Doncaster, today was the first time I've visited Wetherby. It's a pretty market town with a lot of sandstone buildings which look lovely in the late afternoon sunshine. This building doesn't seem to be anything special, just a large house that's up for sale...I love the colour and texture of the stone though, and the contrast between the house and the wall.

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