Friday, June 24, 2011

Rowsley, Edensor, Chatsworth House and Baslow.

Getting off the bus after a rather unpleasant journey due to a large, noisy school party, I walked in a northerly direction, heading uphill towards woodland. At times there were expansive views though.

Although it's so close to Chatsworth, this area of woodland is actually part of the Haddon Estate.

I continued along a well defined track in Manners Wood and then turned uphill to reach the grasslands of Calton Pastures. I then descended through a short, steep section of woodland and climbed over a ladder stile to reach the pastures above Edensor.

Edensor is a unique place. It's one of the Chatsworth Estate villages; every one of the houses is different, yet they were all designed by the same architect and built at the same time.

Within twenty minutes I was approaching Chatsworth House. Although it's a beautiful building I didn't take any photographs because an entire wing was covered in scaffolding. For the first time I lingered for a while, not to visit the House or the gardens, but to visit the toilets and pop into the café for a cup of tea.

It was then a leisurely stroll through the parkland back to Baslow Nether End where I caught the bus.

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  1. Ooooo pretty foxgloves.

    I got your link off an olllld post from my site. Loving that you're an adult with aspergers and hyperlexia. My son is now 5 and he's into geography right now. He's got almost all of the countries of the world memorized.