Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ashford-in-the-Water, Sheldon, Magpie Mine, Lathkill Dale, Over Haddon and Bakewell.

Today's walk was over ten miles in length; the longest walk I've done since starting the blog. I'm feeling really well; it seems the latest dose of antibiotics is being effective in clearing up my bronchitis.

I got off the bus at Ashford-in-the-Water, a village I've visited before, but never had the time to linger since I was always in a hurry to get back to Bakewell. I enjoyed admiring many of the cottage gardens today and lingered a while at the old stone bridge over the River Wye until I spotted a couple of trout.

The walk to Sheldon is a bit of a slog but the views are worth it. I then walked across the fields to the Magpie Mine and spent about twenty minutes exploring the substantial ruins which remain.

I then navigated to the head of Lathkill Dale near to Monyash and sat down on a grassy slope to enjoy a bit of sun on my face; I was briefly shocked, when, for a fraction of a second, I thought a nearby twig was actually an adder ready to strike.

I've not walked along the upper reaches of Lathkill Dale before and it was a pleasant surprise; being quite rocky and reminiscent of Cave Dale near Castleton.

I made good progress along the dale and stopped to take a photograph of an interesting sign referring to an ancient and obscure bye-law.

Finally, I walked to Bakewell along a different route.