Monday, June 20, 2011

Baslow, Curbar, Froggatt, Eyam and Hathersage.

Today I got off at the same bus stop as I did last week, Baslow Church. This time I walked north along Gorsebank Lane, passing some lovely cottages.

I made quick progress, first reaching Curbar and then Froggatt. The route was fairly flat, mainly along farm tracks, country lanes and across fields; north of Curbar there are stretches of woodland and heathland though. Heathland is quite rare in the Peak District.

I crossed the picturesque bridge at Froggatt; I couldn't quite get in the right position to take a photograph I'd be happy with though.

It was then a bit of a climb up to the Eyam road. As is my habit now, I stopped at the tearooms for some refreshment. After walking through most of the village I took a footpath which led up to Eyam Edge; this being the most difficult part of the walk.

At the top I walked along a limestone track for a few hundred yards and then across Eyam Moor, which eventually leads down to the Hathersage road. This section of footpath is one of my favourites because it goes gently downhill for nearly two miles, and the views of the Derwent Valley and the Eastern Edges are spectacular. Today I was even more impressed with the views since I seemed to have timed my visit to coincide with the peak of the foxglove flowering season. There were hundreds, if not thousands of them, all at their best.

I arrived in Hathersage with just enough time to pop into a shop and get something to drink before the bus arrived.

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