Friday, January 28, 2011

Foolow, Eyam and Hathersage

The walk started with a gentle stroll across the fields to Eyam; I've never had to pass through so many gates on such a short section of footpath before though.

Eyam is known as 'The Plague Village' because when plague arrived in the village in the seventeenth century the villagers voluntarily quarantined themselves to prevent the infection from spreading. Most of the inhabitants died and there are plaques throughout the village commemorating the events.

Today I barely entered the village, almost immediately climbing up a steep footpath through woodland which leads to the summit of Sir William Hill. From here, all the way to Hathersage there were some spectacular views of the Eastern Edges; the lighting conditions were perfect - it's a pity that my camera isn't very good...I have included a couple of photographs which are okay though.

I did six miles today; and a total of forty eight miles since I got my GPS locator in November.

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  1. Lovely photos. That is a walk I haven't done yet.

    Have just seen the comment about the shoe in the previous post.. Win Hill is long and steep enough without throwing in shoe failure. I had a really nice walk up it last August (which is in my blog archive if you are interested)