Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rivelin, Redmires Reservoirs, Stanage Edge, Burbage Valley and Fox House.

Today didn't start very well. When I got to the railway station I was informed that the early train to Sheffield wasn't running...I was informed though this time at least. So, I got on the bus and then discovered that the main road to Sheffield is blocked because of roadworks. However, despite this additional delay I still managed to catch my bus at Sheffield.

The walk began in a spectacular manner with a steep descent into a wooded ravine, to reach some difficult, dangerous, and partially underwater stepping stones across the Wyming Brook, I think it's called - fortunately it appeared that someone has positioned large sticks on both banks, one of which I used as a balancing pole...and to test the depth. It wasn't deep; only about eighteen inches, and rather than risk twisting or spraining an ankle or knee on some uneven footing I partially forded it - my socks and trousers didn't take long to dry.

I then had a steep climb through woodland again to come out of the ravine, and the rest of the walk was fairly flat. I then enjoyed high level views of the Rivelin Dams and then reached the track which leads to Redmires Reservoirs. There was evidence of recent, possibly overnight, snowfall on this part of the route; and the reservoirs, being at high altitude were totally frozen over.

A fairly easy walk to Stanedge Pole on the open moors and then Stanage Edge - notice the different spellings. It was very windy walking along the top of the edge: there were many walkers, runners, climbers and mountain bikers there, all cracking underfoot what still remained of the ice. This was very noisy; as well as the shards of ice being blown onto the rock and then shattering...I've never experienced this before.

Finally; a straightforward couple of miles along the Duke's coach track to Fox House for the bus back to Sheffield...a total of eight miles today; and I'm not feeling bad at all considering I'm still recovering from a cold. My piles are sore though; despite using plenty of vaseline.

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