Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baslow, Froggatt Edge and Fox House

Actually today's walk didn't begin at Baslow; I got off the bus on the moors above the village so as to avoid the tedious climb up to Baslow Edge.

The path from the road led westwards where I soon came across a herd of rather friendly Highland cattle which just wanted to pose for the camera.

It wasn't long until I reached the Wellington Monument - there's a Nelson Monument at the other side of the valley.

From here I could already see the 'Eagle Stone' and it only took me a few minutes to reach it. There's a local legend that states that a young man from Baslow must climb to the top of the rock before he's allowed to marry - I judge it to be about twenty five or thirty foot high.

For the next few miles I walked right along the edge of Curbar Edge and Froggatt Edge, stopping frequently to enjoy the view and take photographs; even splitting my trousers as I clambered over one rock to get the shot I wanted...there are a lot of interesting rocks, cliff faces and boulders along this section.

Finally, a bit of jogging to get back to Fox House in time for the bus.