Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baslow and Chatsworth Park

The weather was rather cloudy today and so I chose a walk that included a lot of woodland on the Chatsworth Estate; areas where I haven't been walking before.

I got off the bus at Baslow Nether End and walked over the old bridge, past the thatched cottages and into Chatsworth Park. Instead of taking the path which runs next to the river, I headed uphill towards Dobb Edge and the woods which are above and behind the house.

After wandering around for about an hour I located my first destination; a ruined aqueduct which used to supply water to Chatsworth House. As you can see from the photograph there's a long way for the water to drop now.

A bit further up the hill there are two very nice cascades, the photo is of the higher one.

A few hundred yards further along the track I reached the Hunting Tower; apparently I had walked pretty much straight past it earlier without noticing.

It was then an easy couple of miles back down into Baslow, apart from the highest ladder stile I've ever come across.

I hadn't walked the majority of today's route, which always adds a little bit of extra interest. Of course it meant that I didn't get a close-up view of Chatsworth House, but I've seen it plenty of times before; I haven't paid to actually go inside the house...I'm not interested. The formal gardens are supposed to be very impressive though, with the Emperor Fountain and the various water features.


  1. I only go into Chatsworth house and grounds if I have some sort of coupon as it can be quite expensive... I'm not all that intersted in the indoors of old properties as I'm happier outdoors, but I think it is worth a look around the house too. I tend to walk in the woods if I go to Chatsworth, as you did. It doesn't cost anything and I rather like it. Did you see the 1000 year old oaks? They are impressive. It's lovely there when all the bluebells are out!

  2. I love Chatsworth - always something different to see and such beautiful countryside.