Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hathersage Booths, Leadmill Bridge, Shatton and Brough

Unfortunately there are are no photographs to accompany this post; my camera battery was flat. It was cloudy and drizzling all day so I doubt I'd have any decent pictures to post anyway.

The walk began at Hathersage Booths, where The Millstone Pub is located. I walked down the path, across the fields and crossed the railway line, then walked along a well-maintained path to Leadmill Bridge. Continuing along the bank of the River Derwent I soon arrived at Shatton, a village where most of the houses seem to be rendered with white plaster.

I had planned to walk to Hope or even Castleton, but because it was so muddy along the next stretch I lost the route of the path and ended up in a very boggy area of woodland which really delayed me. Once I'd traversed this it wasn't far to Brough, and I knew that if I hurried up I'd be able to catch the bus back to Sheffield. By this time my piles were very sore so I was glad to call it a day - I still managed nearly six miles though.

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