Friday, October 18, 2019

West Stockwith, Misterton, Drakeholes, Everton, and Bawtry

My brother joined me on my walk today, which started down by the River Trent at West Stockwith. We started by exploring the parts of the marina we could reach, then walked on top of the levee for a few yards before continuing through the village.

On my previous walk I was having problems with my camera; I was hoping it might have just been a bit of damp that had got into the electrics. Well, whatever else it was, the camera became useless when the on/off button broke and so I had to buy a new [secondhand] one. Today's photographs are the first ones I've taken with the new camera - I'm pleased with the results; the camera seems to perform well under a variety of conditions. I took a lot of test shots to confirm this.

My brother spotted that the church was open, so we went inside. It's a rather plain building which dates from 1722.

We walked along the southern bank of the River Idle and then through a field of sugar beet, two fields of sweetcorn growing taller than both of us, and across a pedestrian crossing over the railway to reach Misterton. The church there was open too.

We then walked down to the canal towpath which we stayed with to Drakeholes.

[One of my test shots with the camera]

We used some tracks which were new to me to come out onto the road at Mill Lane right at the southern end of Everton and then continued until we reached a point about two miles east of Bawtry; unfortunately we had to walk the rest of the way on the causeway at the side of the busy road.

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