Friday, October 11, 2019


I've been to Lichfield in Staffordshire today. My friend Damo managed to get me a voucher for free return coach travel to anywhere in the country on National Express...well, I could only go where their network actually reaches, and that's a lot fewer places than it used to. I could start my journey from Doncaster, Sheffield, or Leeds and the only two places that I wanted to go and could realistically reach are Leicester and Lichfield. I've been to Leicester a few times, but never to I chose Lichfield.

It rained nearly all the time I was at Lichfield and so I sought cover wherever I could find it; I spent quite a bit of time inside the cathedral and the Erasmus Darwin House Museum.

I didn't just stay in the city centre, I walked over to the pretty suburb of Stowe, less than half a mile away along an attractive waterside walk. The parish church of St. Chad's was open and so I went inside - to escape from the rain again.

I had something hot to eat in a cafe and then took a few more photographs before heading back to the bus station.


  1. There looks to be some nice old buildings.

  2. I haven't been to Lichfield for nigh on 45 years, I was brought up not far away. Your photo's have tempted me to make another trip there. Thanks.