Friday, January 11, 2019

Old Edlington, Clifton, Firsby, Ravenfield, and Thrybergh

Another local walk today because of a late start; I had to make a phone call and needed my dairy at hand - I can't be coping with making important arrangements out of doors on the go using my mobile phone.

I caught the Dinnington bus and got off at Old Edlington and took some photographs of the air crash memorial and the church before heading off down the lane and across the fields to Clifton.

Just as I was setting off from the churchyard though I did my good deed for the day by helping one of the local residents clear up some hedge trimmings which might possibly cause punctures when using his drive. He did actually ask me, so it wasn't just a random act of kindness on my part...and it only took me a few seconds.

After exploring Clifton I continued along the ridge up on Clifton Hill - there were some good views from there today.

Much of the path over to Firsby was across fields of sugar beet. I reached Firsby and went down into the bottom of the valley and then climbed up to Ravenfield church using the narrow country lane.

I walked through a large part of the village until I found the path that took me towards Thrybergh.

This section was high up and there were extensive views; I particularly enjoyed it because I'd not been here before. I didn't enjoy the last part of the walk though, through a suburban housing estate until I reached the bus stop.

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