Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Geographical Extremes and Curiosities I've Visited

BLEAKLOW - the furthest east point in the UK that's over 2,000ft high.

KINDER SCOUT - the highest point in Derbyshire, in the Peak District, and in the East Midlands.

KIRK SMEATON - the furthest south village in North Yorkshire.

MISSON - furthest north village in Nottinghamshire. Cannot be reached from the rest of the county by road without needing to travel through another county, either South Yorkshire or Lincolnshire. 

NORTH LEVERTON WITH HABBLESTHORPE - the longest placename in England.

NUMBER ONE, YORKSHIRE - the official address of the first building in Bawtry as you approach along the Great North Road from the south.

RIVER TORNE - the only Yorkshire River that flows into the Trent.

SYKEHOUSE - the furthest north parish in South Yorkshire.

One final curiosity, or maybe it's really a coincidence, is that the Peak District National Park and the North York Moors National Park are almost exactly the same size, 555 and 554 square miles respectively. I've been walking on the North York Moors but these walks haven't featured on the blog, they were many years ago.

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