Sunday, January 14, 2018

Hatfield, West End, Branton, and Bessacarr

This walk was mainly about getting in some mileage as part of my plan to walk a thousand miles this year; I managed nine miles today.

I caught the bus to Hatfield and headed straight for the nearby church to take some photos before walking back down the road towards Doncaster in order to reach the lane that goes across the fields to West End.

As I approached the hamlet of West End I passed two teenage girls, one of whom was walking backwards - maybe she didn't want me to see her spotty face.

I then continued along a dead straight track for about two miles; along here there was a pleasant artificial lake formed from an old sand quarry I'm assuming, and then further along a recently constructed lakeside development of bungalows, chalets, or cabins; neither location was shown on my map. I also spotted a couple of large domed buildings as I looked in the direction of the prison, and yet again these weren't on my map...I shall have to look at a more up-to-date version online.

The next footpath took me right past Boston Park Farm as I made my way towards Branton.

I soon heard the noise of an aeroplane coming in to land at the airport at Finningley.

Although I didn't realise it at the time, the next part of the walk was only intended for brides, or maybe wedding parties generally: I didn't see this sign until I'd walked along the section it was referring to.

I needed to pass through Branton for a few minutes before finding the lane that leads past the Yorkshire Wildlife Park - everything is well hidden behind walls and fences and so I could only take these photographs depicting the facilities and the animals.

It was only a short walk down to the main road at Bessacarr, from where I caught a bus back into town.

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