Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Worrall, Coldwell, Foldrings, Brightholmlee, and Wharncliffe Side

I caught the number 57 bus again today, just as I did last week when I went to Oughtibridge; I got off at Worrall though, a couple of miles earlier. I walked through the village, passing through a modern housing estate. It wasn't long until was out in the very verdant countryside, in fact the first path I walked along was quite overgrown with nettles.

After a bit of difficulty I found my way down through the woods to a chapel which is marked on the map, and then across more fields to skirt the southern end of the hamlet of Coldwell. Before reaching Coldwell I had to pass by a farm. A horse was standing right next to a stile, obscuring the public footpath sign. I was confident that I knew where I needed to go but noticed a young woman grooming another horse nearby so I pretended to be lost; when she saw where the horse was, she called it immediately obeyed her instructions, so I was safe to continue. I don't like horses - they're even bigger than cows...and you can't even eat them.

I liked this outbuilding at the bottom of someone's garden at Coldwell.

I then climbed up through a wooded clough, having to walk along the stream bed at times. It was then more fields and then down a steep, narrow country lane to reach the tiny settlement of Foldrings. The people who live here must have some lovely views from their windows; here's what I photographed only a few hundred yards before reaching their properties, and then a few hundred yards after passing them.

I finished off my sandwiches sitting on a large boulder on some access land just beyond Spout House, and got a move on when I noticed a convoy of cows heading in my direction along the bridleway.

Just beyond this point I'd reached the edge of the map and there seemed to be a bit missing before I could pick up my route on the next sheet, walking along the road towards More Hall Reservoir. I'm pretty sure that for the entirety of the day's walk I was in Bradfield Parish, it's a large parish, possibly the largest in England, and so it's easy to cover quite some distance without crossing into another parish. There are a lot of impressive, attractive, well-maintained white mileposts at road junctions in the parish. I'd already passed, and photographed a nice one at the previous crossroads, but this one was much better, and is the most interesting one I've seen.

I eventually left the road and took a footpath down to More Hall Reservoir.

More lovely autumn views as I climbed up towards Brightholmlee.

As I was approaching the houses at Wharncliffe Side I noticed a sign at the entrance to Glen Howe Park and so did a quick vigorous circuit since I was feeling much more energetic than I did on Monday. I popped into the toilets there - they aren't marked on the map.

It was a short descent down through the housing estate to the main road at the bottom of the valley, where I didn't have to wait long for the bus.

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