Sunday, November 13, 2016

Doncaster, Cantley, Branton, Hatfield Moors, and Hatfield Woodhouse

I got up quite early this morning despite a night out in Leeds last night - it still wasn't early enough though to catch the first train to Sheffield.

So today I did a local walk, a very local walk - a walk starting right from my front door. Even though I live near to the town centre there are a lot of green spaces nearby which can be linked together to make a decent walk. There's not much daylight at this time of year so I didn't want to be hanging around waiting until most of the buses start running on a Sunday and so as soon as I was ready I was off - it was a beautiful day, a clear, blue, sunny sky and quite mild.

I headed for the park, then Town Fields, followed by the 'Straight Mile' which runs alongside the racecourse to Sandall Beat Wood.

When I reached the park the final preparations were being made for the Remembrance Sunday service and procession...I noticed that the portaloos could only be used by men standing on our heads; I didn't try it out.

At the far end of Town Fields I noticed some strange fruit on the ground. I picked one up; I'm not sure, but I think they're probably walnuts.

Even at just past eight o'clock in the morning there were quite a few joggers and dog walkers using Town Fields. 

I photographed the stands at the race course as I looked back as I was walking along the Straight Mile.

There were still more dog walkers in Sandall Beat Wood...but no doggers. It's a popular spot, or it was, with people who are sexual exhibitionists.

There are a lot of paths in Sandall Beat Wood and the next wood on the way to Cantley and I got a bit lost and ended up going quite a bit out of my way.

I reached the Finningley road and walked through Branton and just before entering Auckley turned left to walk along the bank of the River Torne, one of only two Yorkshire rivers that flow into the Trent; the other is the River Idle which briefly defines the county boundary as it flows past Bawtry.

I was surprised to read that the angling rights along this section of the river are owned by the Scunthorpe Pisces Angling Club, the walking was easy though and I was enjoying the warm sunshine.

When I reached Torne Bridge I had to walk along a stretch of busy road until I reached the track that leads to Hatfield Moors.

My visit to Hatfield Moors was the highlight of the day, although I've been intending to visit for years I've never got around to doing it. I shall certainly be going again; the moors are very visitor friendly and much more developed than the neighbouring Thorne Moors to the north. There are well maintained paths, several observation platforms overlooking the lakes, and well hidden bird hides, and very detailed information boards.

I don't know how much mileage I covered wandering from lake to lake but by the time I finished the walk at Hatfield Woodhouse my legs were aching quite a bit; they're fine now as I'm typing...and I haven't even had a soak in the bath yet. It wasn't the most interesting walk today but I still enjoyed it; I'm classing it as a fitness walk and think I must have done about fourteen miles.

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