Saturday, November 26, 2016

Nostell Priory Parkland Walk

The title of today's post was originally meant to be lot longer and feature my visit to the Christmas Craft and Secondhand Book Fair but this was so disappointing that it only lasted for a few seconds. I literally just stepped inside the single room where it was being held, turned round and stepped out again a few seconds later. There were only about a dozen tables there, no stalls or events at all; to say that it was organised by the National Trust it was pathetic - I was expecting a lot more, a lot more to see and do. I did use the toilets though, after a journey of nearly ninety minutes on the bus from Doncaster I needed to go. 

The bus stop was just across the road from one of sets of wrought iron entrance gates into the park. Immediately on the right there's a church, the parish church of the nearby village of Wragby.

It then took my a few minutes to walk to the stable block where the fair was being held.

In one of the buildings there were a few equestrian exhibits to look at.

It's a short walk up to the house; yes, Nostell Priory is a large country house - there used to be a priory on this site in the Middle Ages.

Although it stayed dry and was mild it remained quite misty all the time I was walking in the parkland. I managed to stretch out my walk to about three miles, covering all the parts of the estate which were open. 

At the furthest point from the house there's a structure called The Obelisk, or The Needle's Eye; it used to be the main entrance used by coaches.

I'd returned to the main gates within a couple of hours, I'd seen everything there was to see. I crossed the road and caught a bus which was just about due. It only went as far as South Elmsall but I was able to catch a train back to Doncaster - the timing was convenient.

A rather disappointing day today, both the fair and the weather; I still had a few hours out of the house and got a bit of exercise though. I'm hoping for better weather tomorrow so that I can go walking in the Peak Distriict...I've already prepared my sandwiches.

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