Sunday, August 7, 2016

Castleton and Mam Tor

I hadn't planned to go walking today; I was meant to be meeting friends in Leeds last night, but when I arrived at the railway station I found out that the line was closed due to emergency engineering works. So, no late night last night, so I could catch the early train to Sheffield this morning.

My ascent of Mam Tor was so easy, it seemed like nothing more than an afternoon stroll in the countryside - that's vitamin D for you! I read online that for people with my condition [adult rickets] taking vitamin D as a dietary supplement will make us feel twenty years younger, or thirty years if we put in a bit of effort...I can't disagree with that statement so far: I feel wonderful..I'm certainly feeling the strongest I have since I started walking regularly in the Peak District, and writing this blog, six years ago. I'm possibly feeling the fittest, strongest, and healthiest that I ever have - all I need to do now is lose maybe four stone in weight...and that's really possible. All my life, all these decades, I've been struggling with very low levels of vitamin D - and I didn't know about it.

Right...back to the walk now.

I got off the bus in Castleton and walked straight to the entrance to Cavedale, near the Market Place, passing The Old Nag's Head pub and some pretty cottages.

Cavedale was looking picturesque, well lit by the sun at this time of day.

The next two photographs were taken at different points on the approach to Mam Tor.

The steps as I was climbing up to the trig point at the top, I overtook quite a few people on the way up.

As usual on a fine day at the weekend, the summit was very busy.

I'm finishing off with a nice panorama taken looking eastwards along the Hope Valley as I was approaching Castleton at the end of the walk.

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