Saturday, August 13, 2016

Bamford, Thornhill, Hope, and Castleton

After hiking up to the top of Mam Tor last week I did another 1,000ft climb in the Peak District today. It was the 'Glorious Twelfth' yesterday, the start of the short grouse shooting season and some areas of access land are closed for a few days at this time of year; so I chose a route staying well away from them - an ascent of Win Hill.

Before boarding the bus I spent a few pleasant minutes at Sheffield Bus Station exchanging tales of our various vitamin D treatment regimes with some fellow walkers; we all agreed how wonderful vitamin D is and how quick you begin to notice the improvement in your health and fitness.

I got off the bus at the bus turnaround at Bamford Station, took the track that leads to Thornhill and then continued uphill to reach the high level path to the summit of Win Hill. There are some lovely views of Bamford Edge and the Ladybower reservoir on the way up; unfortunately the weather was quite murky and it remained like that, with the exception of the few minutes I spent at Castleton at the end of the walk.

It was windy and quite cold at the summit of Win Hill; there were several people at the top, one or two of them looking like they ought to have been wearing more really was quite unpleasant.

I made a steady descent down to Hope, arriving at the Old Hall Tearooms to coincide with the lunch break in the cricket at The Oval. I had a pot of tea and a Bakewell tart; I did notice that the public toilets are still out of order - come on High Peak Borough Council...get your act together.

On the way down to the village I walked through some lovely areas of heather moorland with distance views of the Great Ridge on the horizon.

I walked along the bottom of the valley to Castleton and arrived with about fifty minutes to wait for the bus; plenty of time to rush round and take a few photographs.

During the bus journey back to Sheffield a large woman with very long, fat, heavy, bedecked and matted carrot-root dreadlocks boarded at Bradwell. She sat in the seat directly in front of me and kept messing with her hair, several times sweeping back her dreadlocks in my direction, the bottom few inches landing on my lap...and on one occasion my penis was hit quite hard by one of the baubles she was wearing.

To be honest I didn't know how to handle the situation, thinking about it now I genuinely think this could have counted as sexual assault...but at this moment, sitting safely at home, I'm able to be smiling about what happened. She looked like some sort of monster from a science fiction maybe it was all a set-up and I was being secretly filmed for a surreal tentacle porn parody film and I'm the star...and the cheque will be in the post on Monday.

You've got to laugh...or else you'll cry.

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