Saturday, March 5, 2016

From The Archives: Castleton

Castleton is one of the Peak District honeypot tourist villages: it's usually very busy, being easy to reach from Sheffield. It's well-known for its four showcase caverns, its hilltop castle, jewellery made from blue john [a locally mined semi-precious mineral, unique to the area], and for the opportunity to climb up Mam Tor and the walk along The Great Ridge.

I usually just use the village as a starting or finishing point of a walk and so will be wearing my hiking gear, meaning that there are several of the pubs, cafes, and shops  where I would feel rather uncomfortable.

My most memorable moment at Castleton happened last year when I was queueing at the counter at the fish and chips shop. I was standing next to a stunningly sexy, curvaceous young female cave diver who was wearing a skin tight, almost transparent, wet suit. When she asked if it was okay if she could put her flippers, snorkel, and goggles on the counter so that she could reach for her money I was a bit puzzled as to where she might keep it. Well...I took a sharp intake of breath as she unzipped her wet suit, exposing quite a bit of naked flesh as she reached inside and removed a couple of banknotes stuffed into a cellophane bag.

The photograph I've included was taken quite close to the fish and chip shop, just a bit further along the road.

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