Friday, March 25, 2016

A Sunny Afternoon At Conisbrough

Pretty good conditions for photography today. It being a Friday as usual I spent the day with my support worker. We went for a drive out to Conisbrough, where I took plenty of photographs of the castle and church...and bought a honeysuckle plant from one of the garden centres.

We didn't pay to visit the museum inside the castle keep; there's plenty enough to photograph by just walking in the grounds.

The castle is of course mediaeval, but parts of the church are even older; dating from Anglo-Saxon times. I'd not been inside before; I've usually been there early in the morning at the start of a walk, and so it's closed. I was pleasantly surprised that it was set out like a museum inside with discreet cards positioned next to items so that you have some information about what you're looking at. Very visitor friendly.

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