Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tideswell Wakes Week, Wheston, Peak Forest, Old Dam, and Castleton

The journey on the bus from Sheffield to Tideswell was very cramped and uncomfortable, at times even being painful when I couldn't get any relief by moving my legs. I had to fold up my sun hat and use it as a cushion for my right knee, and kept rubbing my left thigh to maintain the blood circulation, being careful not to touch up the woman who was sitting next to me whose thigh was tightly wedged up against me. In the process of rubbing my thigh my left elbow was positioned very close to her right tit; she did seem to be helping me out though by turning in towards me so that my elbow could nestle in her cleavage; the extra couple of inches available made all the difference. I'm sure she would have liked to move a bit further away but couldn't because she already had one leg and half of her body in the aisle, as did the large man sitting opposite. There's not much room on some of these buses.

When I got off the bus I spent a bit of time to make sure I hadn't suffered any injuries, strains or pulled muscles in my legs or lower back. I was fine, did a few basic stretching exercises and then wandered round the town taking photographs; there was plenty for me to snap - it's 'Tidza Wakes Week' and today is Carnival day.

The highlight for me was the 'Victorian Street' where all the houses were dressed as traditional nineteenth century shops and businesses. It seemed to be open house in every home, with various local charities and community groups organising displays and holding a coffee morning. In truth I would have liked to stay longer, and did consider changing my plans and cancelling the walk. The problem was that the main street through Tideswell would be closed during the Carnival and the buses wouldn't be serving the town and I didn't know what, if any, alternative arrangements had been made - I didn't know in advance that it was Carnival day today and so hadn't checked.

After briefly popping in the church I found one of the country lanes that leads of to the west, to Wheston, briefly passing through the village before walking down into Hay Dale - I had to use my backside though.

I continued heading north along Dam Dale until I reached Peak Forest where I popped in the pub for a pot of tea and a slice of apple pie; the landlady reckoned I was more of a Bakewell Pudding type of man though.

I soon reached Old Dam, then climbed up to the grasslands above Castleton, and finally scampered down Winnats Pass hoping to catch the 15:55 bus. 

I was a few minutes late arriving at Castleton and so had an hour to wait for the next bus. I decided to go and have a drink in the Peak Inn, just across the road from the bus station. By now the sky had clouded over and so any photographs I took probably wouldn't be that good...and there was another reason; I'd broken the electronic viewfinder on my camera and so I would be taking any photographs 'blind'...just like I did with the last two shots here of Mam Tor.

Not only did I break my camera today, the third one in five years, but the zip on my trousers also came apart. I think I can repair the zip with a short piece of string and some pliers...but not the camera of course.

By the way, if you're wondering why I seem to break a lot of cameras; it's part of my general clumsiness caused by my Asperger's syndrome. I've got no proprioceptive sense and so therefore can't work out where my fingers are in relation to the rest of my body and my immediate environment, and how much force to use when grabbing or lifting an object...or just touching something. Although I'm really awkward and clumsy during the daytime, I have no loss of dexterity at night. Before my diagnosis I seriously thought that I could see in the dark. 

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