Sunday, June 28, 2015

Thrybergh Country Park and Ravenfield Park

Another walk today with the autism group. There was a 'Fun Day' being held at Thrybergh Country Park which was a disappointment; fortunately the walk wasn't, the beck and the fishing ponds at the bottom of the valley were a pleasant surprise - they wouldn't be out of place in the Peak District; a steep 150ft deep wooded valley with a series of ponds and weirs at the bottom. Although Ravenfield Park is clearly marked on Ordnance Survey maps, no footpaths going down into the valley are depicted; yet, although access is restricted in certain places because the ponds are owned by an angling club, there's a lovely walk which skirts one side of the valley, eventually taking you down to a pleasant spot where we had our sandwiches, and were able to see plenty of large fish.

We started and finished at the Lakeside Cafe  right next to the reservoir at Thrybergh - pots of tea, cakes, and hot sandwiches were enjoyed by members of the group.

Because I broke the camera viewfinder yesterday, today's photographs were taken 'blind' - a lot of guesswork was involved...but several turned out to be okay.

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  1. I've visited the country park many times; it's a beautiful place, especially during the less busy days. I've only been to Ravenfield Park once but I do agree it is gorgeous; I must visit again soon.