Sunday, September 15, 2019

Tideswell, Peak Forest, Old Dam, and Castleton

I travelled to Tideswell today, it's a large picturesque village with plenty of things to take pictures of, well worth the forty minutes wait at the bus station at Sheffield.

After spending a bit of time taking photographs I headed out to the west towards the Pennine Bridleway.

I then dropped down into Peter Dale, Hay Dale, and finally Dam Dale before arriving at Peak Forest.

Just before reaching Dam Dale Farm there was a hillside covered with purple scabious: I didn't notice any butterflies on the flowers [many of which were dead by now] but there were about a dozen on the footpath in front of me. After a lot of trial and error I did manage to get a decent photograph.

There are a lot of paths on the approach to Peak Forest, at several locations I had a choice of routes to reach the main road which goes through the village.

I don't think I'd previously walked up the lane from Old Dam to Sweetknoll, I then continued over the top to Castleton.

At 3:15 on a Sunday Afternoon there are usually two buses going to Sheffield by different routes waiting in the small bus station at Castleton - I caught the earliest to depart, the 272 going via Fox House.

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