Thursday, March 22, 2018

Long Distance Footpaths...and other named footpaths

Here's a list of all the footpaths in the Peak District that I've walked part of the route:

First of all, the ones I could remember -

DERWENT VALLEY HERITAGE TRAIL: From Heatherdene car park at the Ladybower Dam along the course of the river to Derby. I've walked at various times from the start down to High Peak Junction. I'm planning to cover the areas further south this summer, as far as Ambergate.

DERWENT WATERSHED: A circular walk along the watershed of the upper reaches of the River Derwent in the Ladybower and Hope Valley area. It's only the northern loop that I've yet to complete.

EDALE SKYLINE WALK: A twenty one mile loop taking in the higher land to the north and south of the Vale of Edale. I'm reluctant to claim that over the years I've completed all of this route...but I might well have.

HIGH PEAK TRAIL: This trail follows the route of the former Cromford and High Peak Railway from Dowlow near Buxton to High Peak Junction next to the Cromford Canal. The only section I haven't walked along is from just west of Middleton Top to just south of Gotham. This is my favourite railway walk in the Peak District; there are some interesting sites to look at.

LIMESTONE WAY: From Rocester in the south and ending at Castleton, with a spur to Matlock. I think I've done all of the route north of Matlock.

MONSAL TRAIL: Another railway walk, from Topley Pike to just beyond Bakewell. This is the only path I've done in its entirety - it's only eight and a half miles long though.

MIDSHIRES WAY: This goes from Buckinghamshire to Stockport. I've only walked along a short stretch in the Chelmorton area.

PENNINE BRIDLEWAY. It's also still a footpath though; the route goes from Middleton Top, north to the Lake District. I've done short sections in the Peak District, usually when the route coincided with that of another long distance footpath.

PENNINE WAY: England's most famous long distance footpath I should think, goes from Edale to the Scottish border. I've only done two short sections on Kinder Scout and Bleaklow...right in the far south of the route obviously.

SHEFFIELD COUNTRY WALK: A route that circles the fringes of Sheffield, taking in some lovely countryside. I've walked many of the western parts of this walk.

SHEFFIELD ROUND WALK: A walk that covers many of the same stretches as the Country Walk does, but takes you right into the city centre. When checking on maps I get the two confused.

TISSINGTON TRAIL: Along the route of the former Ashbourne to Buxton railway. The only section I've walked is from Tissington Station up to Sparklow. To be honest, I'm not much of a fan of railway trails...I find them to be rather boring.

TRANS-PENNINE TRAIL: A network of bridleways and cycleways across northern England going from Southport on the west coast to Hornsea on the east coast. I've walked along several short sections in South Yorkshire.

Here are some other footpaths which I needed to research:

DERBYSHIRE PORTWAY: Follows the route of an ancient trackway from Mam Tor to Stapleford near Nottingham. I will have walked along several sections of the northern end of this route, but have never seen any signs. 

DERBYSHIRE TOP TEN: A route visiting the ten highest peaks of Derbyshire: Without knowing it I've done certain sections of this walk when reaching the summits of the hills.

INN WAY: There's an 'Inn Way' in each of England's National Parks. In the Peak District it's an eighty four mile circular route starting and finishing at Hayfield which visits fifty one pubs en route. I must have walked certain short sections of this route.

PEAK DISTRICT HIGH LEVEL ROUTE: A strenuous circular route covering high ground. I've only walked along the eastern sections of this route. 

Long Distance and Other Named Footpaths in Other Areas

BARNSLEY BOUNDARY WALK: I've done a few miles of this walk in the far east of the borough and along Wharncliffe Crags...and also probably a short section up on the moors near Langsett.

CUCKOO WAY: Along the towpath of the Chesterfield Canal, or the original route of the canal in the section that's no longer in use, from Chesterfield to West Stockwith on the Trent. A lovely walk; I've done this all apart from the final few miles up to Chesterfield.

DEARNE WAY: From the source of the Dearne near Denby Dale to its confluence with the Don at Conisbrough, with a few short diversions. I've walked along several miles of this route.

HERON WAY: A series of eight linked local walks in the Doncaster area easily accessible by public transport. I've completed most of this. 

LYKE WAKE WALK: A difficult 43 mile linear walk on the North York Moors which has to be completed within twenty four hours if you want to claim your badge and certificate. I did it nearly thirty years ago with a group of friends to raise money for charity. I won't be doing it again though, or any other long challenge walk either. Although I enjoyed the challenge and the camaraderie, and we were supported with regular stops for hot drinks and meals I found it to be a relentless slog...and in particular didn't like walking at night.

ROBIN HOOD WAY: This footpath goes from Nottingham Castle to Edwinstowe. I've walked along short sections in the Creswell Crags and Clumber Park area.

ROTHERHAM DOORSTEP WALKS: I think I've walked along some part of each of these short walks.

PEATLANDS WAY: A circular walk on the Humberhead Levels in Doncaster and nearby parts of Lincolnshire. It's well signposted across Thorne Moors and Crowle Moors...which it needs to be.

SHEPHERD'S ROUND: Another forty mile challenge walk on the North York Moors, this time the route is circular and I found it more interesting than the Lyke Wake Walk.

TRENT VALLEY WAY: Approximately follows the lower part of the course of the River Trent from Long Eaton to West Stockwith. I've walked most of the northern part to the north and east of Retford

WAKEFIELD WAY: A 75 loop circumnavigating the borough. I've only done a short section in the far south east.

WHITE ROSE WAY: I've just checked online and the results Google is giving me for this walk refer to a different walk to the one which I did a couple of sections of many years ago. The route I was expecting to find went from the White Horse at Kilburn to Roseberry Topping, along the western escarpment of the North York Moors.

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