Friday, December 22, 2017

A Short Walk Up On To The Moors From The Suburbs Of Sheffield

This wasn't the walk I had planned to do today but due to more equipment failure I had to abandon the walk and return to the nearest bus stop; I did manage to get out for a few hours in the best of the weather though before it clouded over. I covered about seven miles...even though I wanted to go further.

I left the railway station at Sheffield and walked up Howard Street to catch the number 51 bus on Arundel Gate.

It's only a short journey to the start of the walk at Hallamshire Golf Club but it took longer than it should because the bus was very busy with schoolchildren and hospital workers getting on and off.

The footpath goes down by the club house and then right across one of the fairways before turning to the left in the direction of the Peak District.

Although still only in the suburbs of Sheffield and not very far from the built up area at all there were some good views down into the Rivelin Valley, in front of me looking towards the Peak District, and behind me looking back towards the city centre...and the conditions underfoot were quite difficult in places too.

After about half a mile or so I could hear the noise of the engines and the reversing beepers of the heavy plant working at the lower of the two Rivelin Dams. I was out of earshot though by the time I was walking down through the woods to the upper dam and the track which goes along the bottom of the valley. 

I needed to climb back up again, onto the moors this time - still heading west until I reached the remains of Oaking Clough Reservoir. When I was looking at this area on an online map and noticed that there was a building here I automatically assumed it would be housing for the old pumping machinery. As soon as it came into view though I new this wasn't the case; the building is quite substantial...and has a chimney. 

There's easy access by using a series of walkways and so I decided to stop and eat my sandwiches inside. It looks like the building is two substantial and separate overnight shelters, maybe for waterworks employees, or even shepherds...I don't know. There are fireplaces, tables and storage cupboards; or at least the remains's all a bit dilapidated now, although the roof is almost completely intact.

As I was struggling to take off my rucksack one of the shoulder straps snapped and broke off. Another piece of equipment failure after my recent problem with my boots. I decided to abandon the walk and make my way back to the nearest bus stop; the terminus at Lodge Moor. Fortunately the walking conditions were easy, a wide level track on the moors and then the rest of the way along the road - Redmires Road.

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