Sunday, July 2, 2017

Hooton Pagnell Fete 2017

Visiting the annual summer fete at Hooton Pagnell is one of my favourite days out when the weather's nice; it's so easy for me to get there, just a short bus ride and then a walk of about a mile and a half. This is the third time in three years that I've been.

I caught the bus to Hickleton as usual and took a few photographs, some different subjects and angles I hope.


After a few minutes in the village I left by walking along the road and across a potato field and then returning to the road  until I reached Hooton Pagnell at about  11:15, I noticed that the car park which had been established next to the cricket field was already beginning to fill up.

I paid my £3 entrance fee and held out my left hand to have the back of it stamped. I had a quick look around at what there was to see this year, and there seemed to be more entertainment available...and a hog roast. 

I didn't buy anything, not even a cream tea at the church because each time I popped inside to check it was far too busy. The highlights for me were the solo singer on the stage in the car park at the back of The Hostel performing popular singalong favourites and the jazz quintet, the Doncaster Concert Band was okay, but seemed to play exactly the same tunes as last year...and in the same order.

My favourite subject to photograph was Corner Cottage, which it usually is whenever I visit the village.

I left the fete at two o'clock, after spending three hours there. I wanted to get back to town before the shops closed and the quickest, and easiest way, was for me to walk across the fields to Woodlands and catch a bus from there.

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