Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Bit Of Boatspotting At Sprotbrough

One of my regular runs out to Sprotbrough, concentrating on photographing the boats today; as usual I went in the car with my support worker Marshall...Sprotbrough is easy to reach on the bus though - it only takes fifteen minutes from the bus station.

After sitting in the car and eating our sandwiches because all of the benches were taken by members of a walking group we arrived at the lock just in time to see a barge from Leeds passing through.

Nearby, and right next to the towpath, a swan was making a nest.

The Wyre Lady was moored in its usual place; it's the large blue and white boat on the left in the photograph. It does weekend cruises up to Conisbrough and can be hired out as a party boat. The red boats are all dredgers.

The next photograph features the 'Sapphire,'  one of the boats owned by Yorkshire Narrow Boats, based at Sprotbrough; their other boat the 'Emerald' is slightly smaller...and I've rarely seen it on the river.

On our way home we called at the supermarkets on Barnsley Road and York Road. At Aldi I had to take a photograph of this, both myself and Marshall have never come across this term before and looked on the shelves if we could work out what 'Swimming Noodles' might be.

I do know now what they are though - here's a link to the Google Images search result page:

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