Sunday, May 21, 2017

Tideswell Lane End, Litton, New Houses, Littonslack, Taddington, Sheldon, and Ashford-in-the-Water

I had to jog most of the way to the railway station this morning because I stayed up late last night chatting on Skype, so I was in a rush. As it turned out I could have easily eased my pace because I had a few minutes to spare - I continued jogging though because it felt good; I'm really enjoying my much improved health and fitness.

I got off the bus at Tideswell Lane End and walked down the road and then along the footpath across the fields to Litton.

I stopped and ate my sandwiches, sitting on one of the benches on the village green before setting off and continuing on down the country lane to Litton Mill, passing Litton Cemetery, New Houses and Littonslack. There is nothing much to see at either New Houses or Littonslack; the former is merely a terrace of four out-of-place three storey town houses in the middle of nowhere and the latter is likewise a group of terraced houses, plus a couple of farms. By the way this road is a dead end, there is no direct vehicular access from Litton to Litton Mill.

Most of the mill has been converted into holiday apartments; I think some permanent residents live in the old workers' cottages though.

It's a steep climb up to Bulltor Lane and then I had to navigate my way along a network of bridleways to reach Taddington, first crossing over one of only a few short sections of dual carriageway road in the Peak District.

I entered Taddington near the Queen's Arms pub and walked along the main road and then along the road to Wheal Lane, a farm track, and then took  the footpath which leads down into Deep Dale and then back up the other side.

It was an easy approach to Sheldon, crossing grassland pasture and then pretty much the same for most of the way to Ashford-in-the-Water; the descent being quite steep in places though.

Literally, just as I was walking by the bus stop in the village the Bakewell bus I got on.

I've used today to do a bit of wildflower spotting; these are what I spotted.

Dandelions; very numerous in the White Peak area, growing on pastureland and at the side of bridleways.

Buttercups; not as numerous as dandelions I should think - but I've still seen entire fields of them.

Daisies; very numerous as well, on pastureland and elsewhere.

Cowslips; growing individually or en masse on pastureland or hillsides.

Speedwell: seems to grow in a variety of locations.

Welsh poppy: these have colonised my garden - I encourage them though because I think they're pretty.

Wild pansy: I'm not sure where I photographed this.

And finally a flower I can't's very common though.

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