Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Brough, Hope, Mill Cottages, Ollerbrook Booth, Edale, Barber Booth, and Castleton

I woke up at 5:30 this morning and so took advantage of that to make an early start and arrive at Brough for 8:45.

The walk across the fields to Hope is delightful, with views to the north.

Fortunately the toilets at Hope were open, after being closed for a few months. The shops were open too by this time...but I wasn't tempted. It was the ascent of Lose Hill that was taking my interest; the large hill on the right in the next photograph.

I maintained a steady pace and reached the summit in less than half an hour without stopping - and for the first time I can remember I was alone...apart from the sheep.

I had a rest for a few minutes and took some photographs, but I could have easily continued without a break; the next section along the Great Ridge was quite easy.

I noticed an impressive cairn that wasn't there the last time I was.

There was the scramble down Back Tor which required a bit of care and a lot of concentration, and then an easy way down to the road.

I passed through the hamlet of Mill Cottages and then took the lane to Ollerbrook Booth and the footpath to Edale. I arrived at Edale earlier than expected and both the pubs weren't open yet so I went to Cooper's Café. I arrived there at 11:40; the menu stated that breakfast was served until twelve o'clock, yet the blackboard mentioned 11:30. I asked the young girl who was serving, she checked and said it was okay...I could have breakfast: I've had better though.

I finished my breakfast and took some photographs of the village; it was a shame that this was the only part of the day when conditions weren't ideal for photography; it was quite hazy, even a little cloudy.

The walk across the meadows to Barber Booth was a footpath I hadn't used before...and the buttercups were enchanting. The views were gorgeous, but were even better as I gradually climbed up the other side of the valley towards Hollins Cross and my second crossing of the Great Ridge. 

I arrived down in Castleton with forty minutes to wait for the bus, so I took some photographs.

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